Effective statistical tools to measure, to follow your audience and to adapt your video broadcasting.

Measure your performance

Find out how your audience perceives your content using performance statistics.
The report tool will help you to make the right decisions to enhance viewers loyalty in real time.

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After video hosting and video encoding, analyze the audiences of your video productions in live stream, VOD or podcast.

Increase your traffic and optimize your video thanks to statistics

Follow the evolution of your audiences

Monitor audience trends over the period of your choice for all your published content, or focus on a specific item or format.

Data is graphically displayed, and a detailed table completes the analysis by channel and by publication.

Video audiences are provided in real-time and segmented by date, source of traffic or by communication support.
Various statistical variables are available

Measure your videos performences

You can evaluate your publications' impact on your audience thanks to various criteria such as : volume, geolocation, traffic sources, type of devices, actions etc. 

With these analysis, you are able to adapt and optimize your message, your subtitles, and the action verbs used in your player.  

Evaluate the user engagement 

Different analytics are available on the platform: discover how many times your videos have been watched on a selected period, where is located your audience, …

Thanks to the user engagement metrics, determine which parts of your videos have been replayed to optimize your next videos and publications.

Export your performance statistics in .CSV

Export your statistics

You can export your datas on a file .CSV thanks to the function "Export". 

You can export the totality of your media, channel or your publication. 

Find out how to please your audience.

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