Host, broadcast, share and deliver your video and audio recordings on every screen, via streaming, in live or by podcast!

Deliver on every media and control the broadcast

Developed in responsive design, videos are displayed on smartphone, tablet, computer and TV. 

Your content is king and it's crutial to manage on your own the protection of your videos (for a location, a specific person or a group).

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Your videos on every screen, using all devices: deliver your content for streaming or podcasting after video encoding, with QRCode or Playlist for new uses or on social networks, your audiovisual productions are available anywhere without any restriction.

Extend the reach of your videos

Control the access of your videos

Your project might need access restriction for sensitive/internal videos. In this case, we have several methods that grant access to targeted users or group of users so you can control who watch your videos: IP filtering, Strict referrer, Token, Individual password.

Video player dimensions are based on your choices

Share your video on social network

Share your WebTV address on the most popular social networks to play your video, with its full description, and without opening a new tab or browser window.

Social sharing functions also have been adjusted to touch screens to quickly relay each of your videos on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+.

V-SEO Optimization

Add keywords and metadata to your content to be contextualized as much as possible.

By using video rich-snippets, make your video content contrasts with other results in web search engines by adding relevant information.

With an appropriate indexation of your productions, your audiences can enjoy your content value.
V-SEO optimization is important for your video content.Learn more about V-SEO

Libcast video platform instantly adapts your video diffusion, whether it is streamed videos or podcasts, depending on how the Internet user is fitted.
Custom video widgets can be recognized by their name in Libcast video platform. Dimensions video player

Custom embed codes

Each item published may have one or more embed codes with different player appearances or sizes.

You benefit from a real video management tool: change the colours and size of your player anytime.
The embed codes are updated immediately without changing them on your website, blogs, etc.

Playlist management

A playlist is a group of videos around a similar topic.

Once your videos are published, you can embed them in a playlist. This is compatible with all devices and offers an internal search engine for an easier browsing.

Use the playlist module to embed all your videos on a website
Scan this QR Code to have access to a video and a Libcast podcast

QR Code

The platform automatically generates a QRCode for each item published.
Why not print it on your business card, brochures, or flyers?
Scan it with a smartphone or tablet and your content will be instantly displayed.


Host your audio and video content and publish them in one or more broadcasting channels. Each one has a dedicated and auto-generated RSS feed in accordance with W3C standards and containing specific podcasting tags to Apple, as well as a link to your ressources in MP3 or MP4 format.

Once your podcasts have been loaded on iTunes, updating them from the platform is a breeze: video encoding in a proper format, writing and updating compatible RSS feeds take place automatically!

Les champs de podcasting pour indexer votre podcast efficacement sur la plateforme Libcast
Video cards enable you to enhance wiewers experience while they are watching your video diffusions.

WebTV interface

A WebTV is web interface gathering all your published videos, classified by theme. The WebTV allows you to broadcast your videos on every screen, in various qualities.
Fully customizable, adapted for every devise, this inferface is a window for your productions.

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Your production will be accessible everywhere, at any time.

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