SEPTEMBER 8-11 2015 
Boston Convention Center, MA

Inbound, the Hubspot conference held in Boston Massachusetts

Our agenda

We went to INBOUND conference from 8th to 11th September 2015 to share with you the maximum information related to Video Marketing.

We have attended a lot of conferences, including : 

- 5 steps to a succesful video strategy by Amy Schmittauer on Wednesday 9th at 10.30 am EST (4.30 pm Paris time)

- The neuroscience of memorable content by Dr Carmen Simon on Wednesday 9th at 11.45 am EST (5.45 pm Paris time)

- We are all teachers by Gustavo Reis on Wednesday 9th at 4.45 pm EST (10.45 pm Paris time) 

-  How to create videos for your brand that go viral by Stephen Voltz on Thursday 10th at 5 pm EST (11pm Paris time)

- Non profit and education organizations customer panel : how to increase engagement? by Delaney Parish, Jeff Wright, Mélissa Steward et Patricia Mackenzie on Friday 11th at 10.30 am EST ( 4.30 pm Paris time)

- Live video streaming is the new blogging by Joël Comment on Friday 11th at 1.30 pm EST ( 7.30 pm Paris time)

If you would like to read the keypoints from these conferences, I invite you to read the two blog posts :

Did you go to Inbound too?

If we did not have the chance to meet each other in this crowd but you think we can discuss video marketing and other subjects, feel free to send us a message! 

We were in Boston:

Anne-Sophie - International Marketing Manager @ libcast


International Marketing Manager
Angélique - Content Marketing Manager @ libcast


Content Marketing Manager


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