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Take advantage of powerful tools for your video content!

API, Plugins, Adds-on... Everything you need to ensure effective and practical work.

Record, manage and broadcast in a simple way.

Save your events, your training sessions or your courses straight from the platform, and broadcast them live or via streaming whenever you want.

Broadcast your events live or via streaming

Broadcast your events live or via streaming within your own custom video player, either public or secured, without any unwanted advertisement spoiling your brand's image.
Libcast platform supports the best available video recording systems.

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HEC Paris Business School have already bought several video recording systems for classrooms.
Thanks to our partner Multicam solution, you are able to record and broadcast courses and conferences in a very simple way

Thanks to MultiCAM Systems:

  • 1Transfer your records into your Libcast file folder by logging in to the machine
  • 2Choose the channel in which you want to broadcast your video content through the screen after you logged in
  • 3Publish your recorded content within the channel of your choice

Did you know?
French Table Tennis Federation is using MULTICAM STUDIO HD system to record and broadcast proA meetings in HQ