4 reasons why you should publish videos on your WebTV regularly

4 reasons why you should publish videos on your WebTV regularly

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A marketing and sales strategy is composed of different parts including the prospecting, the conversion and the development of the customer loyalty. At each step, you can use different means to reach your objectives : events (exhibitions, customer meetings etc.), communication medium (flyers, guides, website...) but also videos via a WebTV for example. 

It is proved that posting weekly videos is a good strategy for the professional videasts (such as the famous YouTubers) but what advantages companies can have when publishing regularly videos on their portal?

Why is it important to publish regularly video content on your WebTV? 

Creation and publication of recurrent audiovisual content can be an integral part of a content marketing strategy.  
It can help to achieve different objectives: 

  • Improvement of brand awareness: A recurrent content can help you improve your brand awareness in the long run, your products/services being used and quoted in the videos. 
  • Improvement of your SEO and Video-SEO: If you decide to subtitle your videos, you can use them as a SEO tool. Indeed, it has been proven that the transcription of a video into text has a positive effect on the positionning of it on search engines (for defined keywords). It is recommended to use keywords and expressions of the target audience's lexical field in order to appear on the best results.
    To know more about this subject, I invite you to read my article about the importance of subtitles in a VSEO strategy
  • Use of storytelling: To build a story around your brand or product is easier in video. You can for example create characters and tell a story in which your product/service is helpful for your hero.
    The storytelling is a marketing method more and more used and useful as the viewers can identify themselves with the characters. 
  • Customer loyalty : The recurrent rendezvous enables your audience to remember your brand, products/services regularly and to be loyal to them. 
    These videos also enable you convert your customers into evangelists, which means that they will talk about your products to other people and the word-of-mouth will increase. 

How to publish videos on a regular basis? 

  • It is preferable to have a team dedicated What do you need to publsh videos on a regular basis ?to this project: it requires to produce a lot of content in a limited time period. Be sure authors, directors, editors etc. are available for the whole project. 
  • Prepare an editorial planning:  a video per week posted on the same weekday and at a defined time works. I recommend you to do a planning to prepare the next videos efficiently.
  • Be coherent in your videos: for example, it is interesting to use a recurrent character or presenter. It can be an influencer (blogger, vlogger etc.) expert in your industry, or someone from your team that will become a pillar of your content. 
  • Promote and share your content on social networks. If you collaborate with an influencer, he/she can also share the videos on his/her proper social networks to his/her community.

It is an important work but it will lead to a solid and efficient tool in a communication strategy. 

 Study case: Gemey Maybelline 

tas_pas_du_gloss_gemey_maybeline.pngThe cosmetics and beauty brand Gemey Maybelline produces since 2015 a French WebTV with the weekly show  "T'as pas du gloss?" ("Do you have gloss?") published every Thursday at 5.30 pm on the brand website and presented by EnjoyPhoenix, the most viewed and followed French vlogger in the beauty industry.

Gemey Maybelline products are highlighted during the whole show (every episode lasts between 10 to 15 minutes) and direct links to buy the products are available next to the video. 

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