5 types of videos for your internal communication

5 types of videos for your internal communication

Angelique Aizpitarte No comment Nov 24, 2016 4:00:00 PM Internal communication

How to use video in your internal communication?

In a previous article, I explained how video can meet different objectives in internal communication. This tool enables to train employees, build a corporate identity, increase team spirit... but it is also a good tool for corporate news.

But which type of video is appropriate according to your objective? This article presents different types of videos adapted to internal communication.

1 - The testimonial video

A good way for your collaborators to know them each other in a limited time is to do it in video. In a few minutes, the interviewed can introduce himself/herself, explain his/her job and project in the company. 

More interactive than a text, a video eneables to pass on a message easily. 

2 - The explainer video

The explainer video will be adapted to present the company and the different departments to the new employees.  
In these videos, you can interview the company director, or the direct manager of the new employee.

The explainer video is also relevant to announce the launch of a new product/service to the different collaborators.


In the video above, the president and director of Life South welcomes the new employee explaining the company values and its mission.  

3 - The tutorial video

The tutorial in video is useful for internal trainings

For specific production processes or for health and security rules to respect at work, videos are a great way to explain easily and clearly the good practices to every collaborator

You can film case studies or you can also produce short animated explainers videos

4 - The recap video 

During an internal event (annual event, new product launch etc.), you can ask a cameraman to film and do a recap in video afterwards.

At the end of the year, you can use different images from various professional events (conferences, exhibitions...) but also extra-professional images (charity events, sports...) in which your employees participated, in order to highlight professional and human skills

These videos can also be used for your corporate communication. 


Marcel Agency presents its football team which participated to a competition between different advertising agencies. 

5 - The Live Streaming

Then, and you may have not miss the enthusiasm for the live streaming, it can be pertinent in internal communication.

For daily, weekly or monthly briefings, between offices in different cities and countries or for quarterly, half-year and annual announcements. Live Streaming can reduce travel expenses and enables the management team to speak to all employees at the same time, independently from where they are.  

Go further : How to convince your boss you need video in your internal communication? 

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