How to convince your boss you need video in your internal communication

How to convince your boss you need video in your internal communication

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Internal communication answers to different objectives among which to motivate teams, to gather the employees together or to communicate. Beyond the common prints and events, organizations use more and more digital tools to communicate internally. Intranet or company social network have been implemented in various companies but, online video is still controversial in numerous boards of directors. 

As a marketer, your objective is to stop or reduce prints in favor of a quality digital communication and you have realized the importance of video to that purpose.

But how to convince your boss to allocate a "video budget" for your internal communication? 

1 - It is a good team project  

If you are looking for an original project in which employees are involved, the production of a video will definitely meet your expectations. 

Furthermore, involving your employees in a video is an excellent exercise to improve self-confidence and speaking skills. It is also good to create a team cohesion : indeed, videos can help your employees to know each other, their roles in the company but also their personalities.

Concrete case: here at Libcast, weVidéo de voeux Libcast 2016 have realized a video at the end of the year. It was the opportunity to gather all the employees together around a same project, from the brainstorming to the realization, in a relaxed atmosphere.   
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2 - Stats prove its efficiency  

Your boss will without a doubt ask you statistics proving the efficiency of video content. Here are some stats that could convince him/her:

  • According to Dr James McQuivey from Forrester Research, a minute of video is worth 1,800,000 words. In other words, you would need 150 days of work to have the same impact as a minute of video. Source
  • It is said that human brain processes visual information 60,000 times quicker than text. A video will enable your collaborators to retain information easily!  Source
  • According to Forrester Research, the presence of a video in an email would increse click rate from 200% to 300%. Source

3 - It helps create a company culture. 

On prints, codes that you deliver to your colleagues are essentially a corporate identity, a font, a tone, consistency in the messages...  

The video enables you to re-use and to integrate new ones: specific sounds and musics, animations, categories... Furthermore, you can ask one or more employee(s) to speak regularly in videos in order to improve the sense of belonging. 

Concrete case: Finance Active, editor of digital solutions in the financial industry, regularly proposes to its collaborators present in 6 different countries "updates videos" presented by the same employee, in live streaming and published afterwards on their intranet. 

4 - The Key Performance Indicators are clear  

Another advantage to use digital internal communication: you can collect data related to your videos: 

  • Number of times your video has been watched
  • Number of times your video has been displayed on a webpage (which does not mean it has been played) 
  • Ratio number of plays / number of displayed : if this ratio is low, ask you why did your audience not watch the video? Have you published it and communicated about it at the right time? Are the thumbnail and/or the title catchy? Have you embedded it on the accurate page? Have you targeted your audience? 
  • Type of devices used: are your collaborators watching the videos from a tablet? a desktop? a smartphone? according to the results, adapt the next videos. (i.e. some fonts are not adapted to mobile screens.) User engagement is a good metric to convince your boss
  • Users engagement: another KPI is the possibility to analyze precisely which moments of the video has been re-watched or skipped. As a result, you can determine which content your audience prefers.

All these results will help you improve your next videos. Your boss will have a lot of data about the efficiency of your actions month by month. I am sure your boss will allocate a video budget for your internal communication after your explanation! :) 

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