How to use video as an internal communication tool?

How to use video as an internal communication tool?

Angelique Aizpitarte No comment Mar 18, 2016 10:30:00 AM Video Marketing Trends

To communicate about the company updates, motivate the team, deliver codes and a culture... are different objectives of the internal communication. 
To do so, different methods can be used: you can write on print supports (posters, corporate magazine etc.) or digitally (newsletter, intranet, extranet etc.). It can also be passed orally during events (conferences, meetings...) or through audiovisual content. 

The internal communication can be split up in three parts : the descendant (information coming from the management to employees), the ascendant (from employees to management) and the lateral (communication between the different services). 
This articles focuses on the importance of online video in the descendant communication

Why invest in internal communication? 

One of the most recurrent problems in a business team is the lack of communication between the top management and the employees. According to a French study (from Les Echos), nearly one out of two employees thinks communication could be improved in their company. Why invest in internal communication?

This lack of communication can lead to a demotivated team and a productivity drop.
If you think it is the case in your team, it is time to review your internal communication strategy.


Why and how to use video?

 It is an interactive tool which can meet different objectives including the delivery of corporate news, culture or the opportunity to train collaborators easily.

Pass on information and corporate news:

While it is efficient when recommending a product, the word of mouth can be risky in an internal communication strategy.
To film important news enable the top management to deliver the same information to all the employees at the same time. It also avoid misunderstandings.
If the organisation is present in different locations, webinars are a good tool to gather together different teams and departments. 

To go further: How to optimize your webinars with video? 

Pass on a corporate culture

It is one of the main objectives of the Human Resources department. 
To do so, it is common to organize Team Building seminars. But realizing a video can also be a good way to deliver a common corporate culture to the whole workforce. 

Example :
I was working for a branch of Bureau Veritas when it celebrated its 10th year anniversary. In collaboration with a production agency and all the employees of the company, we have realized a video. Volunteers have described their work and experience within the team. This project has highlighted skills and competences of each department. 
This video has been presented to the whole workforce during an internal event for the 10th year anniversary. 

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Train employees: 

New products, new recruit or a person with new responsibilities... there are various opportunities to train people in your business... Train your employeesOnce again, online video is a good tool: according to Dr James McQuinvey, "a video is worth 1.8 million words". This is why, HSE management can produce short videos explaining the health & safety policy but also ethical and environmental guidelines.

Producing videos is an investment in time and money. However, the benefits afterwards are various: your videos will be re-used and your communication will be standardized and your employees motivated

How to manage and protect the publication of my internal videos?

Your internal videos are planed to be watched by a defined and restricted audience. You do not want your content to be available to everyone on the web.

As a result, I would highly recommend you to choose a professional hosting platform proposing advanced features for the publications management.

Different options are available to protect your content:

  • Use of a private and non-indexed URL on search engines. (Be careful : anyone who has the link can share it),
  • Content only accessible on your website: thanks to a strict referrer, your videos can be embedded on the website of your choice, however, the embed code will display an error message on other domains, 
  • Protection of the content by a username and a password,
  • Use of IP filtering, which enables users using a certain IP to watch the content. An error will appear if you access a video from another IP.

Using one or more of these methods will ensure your sensitive content is secured.

Libcast enables you to protect your internal content: Libcast logo
Private URLs, password, strict referrer,IP filtering... and even more features are available! 
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