How video can contribute to your event’s success ?

How video can contribute to your event’s success ?

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Jan Kuijken, Content ManagerLogo_87_seconds.png at 87 seconds, is our guest this week to talk about the importance of video in event management.

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Isn’t it great to attend an event once in while? Leaving the office for what it is and meeting like-minded people, engaging in interesting discussions, getting up to speed with the latest developments and all of that in a friendly environment, where the occasional drink and snack seem to emerge out of nowhere...

Such an event comes to mind? Good! Now, let’s do a quick check to see what you exactly remember about the communications of that event by trying to respond to the following questions. Mental notes will suffice!

  • How did I learn about the event?
  • Did I talk about the event to others?
  • Was I communicating about the event while attending?
  • Did I talk about the event with my colleagues, friends or family afterwards?

Hopefully that wasn’t too hard. Not my intention to burden you with a headache. The purpose of this all is to find out how much you actually retained from the event you had in mind.

“Make your communication efficient prior, during and after the event”

Someone might have given you a phone call to inform you about the event, however we think this highly unlikely. In our digital era there are far better and more efficient ways to reach a larger group of people like  email and social media. And what about the timing and means. To make your communications as efficient as possible it’s important to drive the attention towards your event prior, during and after it. How to do that? Indeed with a stunning video!

Video loves e-mail

Video is one of the internet’s most privileged content,Including a video in an email increases the click rate knowing that by 2019, 80% of all internet traffic will be video. With people’s time becoming scarcer and scarcer, video is the perfect medium to provide a lot of information in an entertaining and retaining manner. So if you send an email about your event, don’t forget to include a link to a a teaser video so you can inform people about the essential details like time and location, but far more important is that a video allows you to show the event’s atmosphere. Moreover,  a not so minor detail, email marketing campaigns with a video have a 280% higher rate of return than traditional emails. No seats will be left empty at your event.

Tease to please 

A teaser video can also be used on social media. Video content is often ranked higher in newsfeeds and will therefore have a higher impact on your communication efforts. Most important on social media is to work cross platform. Upload your video separately on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to maximise the number of views.

Once you’ve reaped the fruits of your social media campaigns and email efforts, you will see that the attending list is growing and growing. But still, there are always some people who cannot attend.  No worries, we’re living in 2016.

Going live

With the uprise of communications tools such Facebook Live, Periscope and Libcast , you can communicate in real time about your event. Set up a livestream so people can attend your event remotely from wherever they are. The perks of living in the 21st century. Moreover, livestreams stimulate interaction, as you can comment live on what is going on or ask questions to the keynote speaker.


And best of all, you can save the livestream afterwards, so people can watch it over and over again. You can use the footage to make a best of selection, select important quotes or remarkable moments.

You can divide your video afterwards in chapters, add documents related to the video such as papers or presentations or even add subtitles for an international audience.  It’s basically the perfect tool to drive people back to your website and keep your event’s buzz alive.


Yes, as true as it is that your event starts two months before the date, as true as it is that is isn’t over when the last beers have been served and the maintenance crew has swept the floor. Remind people of their experience a few days after your event to relive all the memories, a short recap will revitalise the conversation and facilitate word of mouth.   

Jan Kuijken

Jan Kuijken
Content manager
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