[Update] Live stream your events with Libcast

[Update] Live stream your events with Libcast

Cedric Montet No comment Sep 13, 2016 1:30:00 PM Live streaming Lire en français

With the new “Live Streaming”solution, we introduce today a brand-new live streaming service included to the platform!

We developed an expertise in Video On Demand since our creation. The development of different video recording tools and the different exchanges I had with some of you have encouraged us not to create a new feature of the platform but to design and develop a new service.
This is why, from now, you can find a new menu entry "Live". You can use the Live Streaming solution exclusively and independently from the VOD service: this is a major evolution enabling you to be autonomous to broadcast your events online!

Broadcast your events on your own

After talking to our users, we have identified common needs: the ability to create and schedule live streams at any time, to use their own equipment, and to embed easily the live streaming on their website, webTV, blog...

The new interface has been designed to answer these needs: you can name, schedule, set up and send the video stream easily.

Even if you can publish your live streaming in your Channels, you can save time by clicking the "embed" button that will generate the embed code. The player themes and behaviors are available to adapt your video to your corporate identity (logo, colors...). 

Discover Libcast live streaming interface

Know more about the interface 

Some of you organize regular events for your audiences: for this reason, we have designed a duo mounting point / sessions: the embed code does not change between the different events! The live window does not change, however, you can choose to begin a live according to your needs by creating "sessions" under the mount point.

As for our former "Webcast feature" (which we have now removed from the platform), you can add introduction and ending slides for your audience to see something in the player when you are not live. 

Bonus: from the back-office, you can control the rendering of your live before it goes online to be sure everything works perfectly (the viewers see the introduction slide at this time). 

High quality, multi-devices and replay 

We authorize the HD broadcast until 1080p if your recording equipment enables it. We re-encode the video stream automatically thanks to HLS technology: your viewers with a high speed broadband will see the highest quality while the viewers with a less performant broadband (for example, from mobile devices) will watch the live in standard quality. 

Know more: How to do live streaming? Equipment, encoders, platform... 

We assure that you will reach the totality of your audience thanks to these encoding in real time. Internal or bigger events? The platform automatically connects to various CDN in order to ensure the scability.

And after?
Your live is over: the replay will automatically appear in your "briefcase". Then, you an download it, publish it in your Libcast WebTV or delete it.

Unlimited sessions 

We have designed different monthly plans to adapt your needs.

The difference between each plan is related to the number of simultaneous connexions to your sessions. Do you plan to have 50 viewers at the same time? 100? 500? More? Choose the most appropriate plan according to your project and schedule as much sessions as you want

We look forward for you to discovering this brand-new solution! I will be happy to discuss with you, do not hesitate to share your experience! 

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