Make profit from a recorded live stream

Make profit from a recorded live stream

Angelique Aizpitarte No comment Sep 15, 2016 11:00:00 AM Live streaming

The Live Streaming enables to reduce travel and logistic expenses but can also enable you to reach a greater audience, which can follow the event all around the world. 

Contrary to common preconceptions, live streaming isn't just useful on the D-Day but also afterwards. How to make profit from this recording after the event?

- Propose a replay of the event: 

Several live streamingreplay_live_streaming.png platforms enable the recording of the live stream. With this recording, you can reach a greater audience than on the D-Day. 
To optimize the success of the event, you can for example enable the access to the video only to people filling a form (name, first name, company, email address) and, as a result, qualify your customer database. 

- Enrich the recording: 

On the D-Day, your event will more likely begin late, will have a break in the middle etc.
You may have a weighty and long video afterwards. We know that it is difficult to catch the viewer's attention during the whole video. I advise you to cut this big file into smaller parts, by hour, or by speaker for example. 

I would highly recommend you also to enrich the video with chapters, subtitles or documents (slides, text, pictures, charts...) to catch your audience's attention easily. 

- Use the recording for you marketing actions: 

Then, you can use parts of the recording to do recap videos of your event but also to promote and tease about your next events.

Do not forget that recording a live event is a great way for you to produce a lot content in a little bit of time: it is your job to make sure you do not under-exploit it!

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