Summer is the perfect moment to plan a video strategy

Summer is the perfect moment to plan a video strategy

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Summer is a calm season for businesses. You only receive a few phone calls, the open space is empty, and you can look into projects that you have put aside during the whole year. 
So... it is the perfect moment to dive into the planification and realization of videos!

Planning a video strategy takes time

Before publishing and sharing a video or a campaign, you will need several weeks to plan your strategy.  

If the use of video is not in your priority to-do list, Summer is the appropriate time of the year to look into it. 
Here are some questions you should think about at this step: 

  • What is the objective of your videos?
  • Do you want to train, sell a product, communicate about your product, your brand or your company? 

Then, determine which type of videos is the most suitable to your objective. Possibilities are endless, but here are some examples:

  • A testimonial to emphasize your expertise? 
  • A tutorial or a demo to sell a product? 
  • A motion-design presentation to present your company or your service? 
  • A corporate video to communicate about your company? 

If you decide to collaborate with other businesses (for example, a production agency), you will require different exchanges by emails, phone and face-to-face to find the most suitable, and plan the shooting.  

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Shooting videos during Summer has different advantages 

Summer is the most sunny season and days are longer. It is a real advantage to shoot videos especially if you want to realize them in-house. 

Why? Except the fact that it is easier for the uninitiated ones to capture good quality images thanks to the natural light, the sun and the summer light have persuasion effects on consumers. Indeed, in Customer Psychology, the sun evokes joy, dynamism and strength, which are convincing elements for prospects.  

Furthermore, the sun and the summer light have beneficial effects on human beings: it blocks the production of melatonin (the sleeping hormone) and stimulated euphoria and good mood. No doubt that if people you are filming are happy and in a good mood, it will positively impact the quality or your video. Shooting during Summer enables you to benefit from a good natural light

Then, such as described above, except for seasonal businesses, Summer is a calm moment of the year. It will be easier for you to plan meetings and shootings with your colleagues and collaborators! 


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What about the publication?

Of course, some of your videos can be published during Summer. 

However, I would advice you to publish for example corporate content and plan the most important campaigns in September, when the holidays will be over. You will optimize your chances to reach your targeted audience. 

It will let you time to prepare your publications, to customize your video player and to add call-to-actions to your videos to optimize your conversion rate and your return on investment. 

Convinced? It's not too late to plan your videos this Summer!

... and do not hesitate to host your videos on our professional platform!  

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