The HTML5 Player is live

The HTML5 Player is live

Cedric Montet No comment Nov 3, 2015 5:32:32 PM Product information

I am delighted to introduce the brand new HTML5 player 
The new player offers different novelties and improves the user experience for your viewers on any device.

Learn more about the new video player:



A video experience standardized 

The platform proposes different possibilities to customize the video player to your colors and to insert your logo.  The Studio enables you to add subtitles, documents, photos or slides of a presentation during the video. You can also sequence your videos with the Studio.
These functions increase the impact on your videos but were based on Flash technology: your mobile audiences could not make the most of it.
From now on, a blue player on a desktop will be... blue on an iPhone. The three chapters added thanks to the Studio will be available on tablets and smartphones... 
The new player insures the same finish, apart from the device used!


The HTML5 is mobile first


Mobile first !

The positioning of the buttons and the ergonomy have been reviewed to facilitate the use of the player on mobile devices (smartphones, tablets...). For example, you can now open the chapters panel on the player upper right corner and close this panel at the same place without the need to move your mouse.  All the controls and the playback bar have been adapted to be clickable on mobile devices.  

New controls

Different new controls can be added to the player via the video URL.
  • You can start the video at a precise moment: for example, if you want your video to start at the fortieth second, add #t=40 at the end of the URL. This novelty enables you to insert chapters on your page or to start your video where you want without the need to cut it. 
    Good to know: always write the value in seconds and not in minutes. If you want your video to start at 2min 34seconds, write #t=154 at the end of your video URL.  Watch our video that starts at 1min20.
  • We have added a function allowing you to accelerate or slow down the video. This function is appropriate especially to analyze sports games. 

The review and the standardization of the subtitles

The subtitles management has been extracted of the Studio to join the video options.
From now on accessible in the "subtitles" tab, you can add subtitles in different languages downloading a .srt file. 

Add your subtitles in the "subtitles" tab when editing your video.

Furthermore, you can choose which language will be displayed "by default" clicking on the icone Capture_dcran_2015-09-29__18.15.53.
This value can be modified when publishing the video.

You work for a multinational company.
Your video is an interview of your French CEO.

      1. You have subtitled this video in English and Spanish. 
      2. You add your subtitles (.srt) editing your video. 
      3. For your British colleagues, you will publish the interview in the channel "MyCompanyName UK". When publishing it, you will decide that the English subtitles will automatically appear.  
      4. However, for your French colleague, you will decide that the video will automatically start without any subtitle. 



Protect your embedded videos 

You can display an authentication window on your videos published in your Video Cards (your Libcast WebTV) if you want your viewers to log in to see your content. 
With the new HTML5 player, you can now use it also on your videos embedded on your website, blog or intranet





Monetize your videos with advertisements

You may have chosen to host your videos on Libcast because we offer a player free of ads, contrary to a general audience video platform.
The new player is still free of ads!
However, we have added the field "VAST" to the player behavior. It responds to a ponctual need to insert ads on your videos if you want to monetize them.
You can now display pre-roll ads from the advertising agency of your choice.




The backward compatibility

Some of the screens used to watch your videos do not use the last version of Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer!
To ensure a good user experience to your whole audience, we have added a Flash Fallback to the player: the Adobe plugin has weaknesses, but it is also the most used plugin on the company computers. 
The player will evaluate the device capabilities and, in case of an old browser, will use the Flash player to display your videos. 


The Flash player is displayed if the viewer's browser does not support the HTML5 one




Choose the good size for your embed 

The ideal size for your embed codes can vary depending on your CMS, intranet, CRM... Proposing only one resolution by default, you may have been constrained to manually adapt every embed code.
We have reviewed the publication page, and you can now change the resolution easily, choosing the most adapted size amongst three or to tailor your embed codeChoose the embed code size when publishing your video

Furthermore, we have added to the project settings a new field to determine a by-default resolution on all the project videos (past and future videos):

Determine the by default embed height



How to activate the HTML5 player?


You can test our HTML5 player in Beta. To do so, fill the form below and we will contact you shortly.
Your videos URL and embed codes will not be changed.



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