The importance of video in inbound marketing by the CMO of HubSpot

The importance of video in inbound marketing by the CMO of HubSpot

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Kipp Bodnar is the Chief Marketing Officer at HubSpot , inbound marketing and CRM platform.  Kipp_Bodnar.png
We had the opportunity to talk with him about the importance of video in an inbound marketing strategy nowadays.

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Libcast : Can you introduce yourself and what is your role at HubSpot?

K. Bodnar : My name is Kipp Bodnar, I am the Chief Marketing Officer at HubSpot. I am responsible of the marketing from our brand, our inbound strategy to our users and customers acquisition. 

Let’s say I have never heard about Inbound Marketing, could you explain it in few words?

We noticed a bunch of changes in the way people buy and shop. They were ignoring traditional marketing and advertising so inbound marketing is about providing value to prospective customers. We do it through creative great blog content, valuable social media content, building awesome website, or sending emails that are helpful, valuable and not spaming. The bottom line is to get permission to interact with someone and create some value.

Video is revolutionizing the way organisations are reaching and connecting with their audience. According to the very quoted report from Cisco “by 2019, consumer internet video traffic will be 80% of all internet traffic across the world.” So how the use of video will reinforce my Inbound Marketing strategy? 

We believe video is going to be a main and core part of everybody's marketing strategy. For example Snapachat has been added to our strategy a few weeks ago because it's a new way to capture and share videos. Video is expanding in all formats: live video, recorded video, temporary video like Instagram or Snapchat stories... Marketers have brand-new ways to interact with prospects in those platforms natively. I think the greatest thing about video is that if you have a very complex product or service difficult to communicate, it is a tremendous medium to communicate and deliver value simply. 

Concretely, how do you use video through the different lifecycle stage at HubSpot?

Video applies to every lifecyle stage. Earlier this week we did a Facebook live around neurosciences and how it impacts marketing. The objective is to bring new people to whereabouts because they see a lot of videos their friends like, commented... this helps the awareness phase.
Then you move to the consideration phase. People can watch videos on our website or different social platforms to help explaining what inbound marketing is, what our methodology is or what our mission is. HubSpot Academy integrates videos in every course
Then, for the decision phase, we've got great product demonstration videos. We are using video through the full funnel: we have our HubSpot Academy, which proposes online certifications for people who want to do a deep dive on our methodology and software. We propose courses with 12 to 16 videos to really do a deep dive and get a specific certification you would expect from a traditional training.   

The video is a powerful medium to develop an external or internal communication. Could you tell us the place of video within HubSpot organisation? Do you use video internally to inform, update or train your collaborators?

Yes, we also use video internally. We organize different type of events such as talks with outside speakers to share their knowledge and we record them so that people who can't be there at that time can watch it afterwards. Anytime we have new initiatives and we are changing something, video is a powerful tool from a training perspective because :

  1. some people even if they attended the live training want to go back and revisited so having it in video is useful,
  2. HubSpot is a global company with people in a lot of different countries, video is an important tool to make sure everybody in the team has the same information.

I suppose you have a dedicated team to take care of videos? 

Yes, we have different teams dedicated to videos for our external communication: one for our marketing videos, another for the HubSpot Academy. 
But sometimes people just record an internal meeting and share it without editing and polishing it.

Another big trend exploded in 2016: the live streaming video. Do you use it to interact with your audience ? Or internally? Can you give us some examples?

We primarly use live streaming externally, with Facebook Live or Instagram Live as a mean to drive awareness of HubSpot or our brand. Internally, we use mainly for video collaboration in "one-to-one" or presentations from one person to many others.

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According to you, how video will evolve within marketing in the coming years?  

I think video will take a bigger part of marketing and will be a core format for mobile consumption and we know mobile is a primary area of growth for human Internet behavior. Also, video is going to be easier and easier for marketers to create and distribute. It was really hard, it's a bit easier but there is still a lot of work to create and distribute both recorded and live videos. You can now do live streaming video without being a big video production house but just from a smartphone and share your message to thousands of people... 

At last, can you please name a video that stays in your mind because it was inspirational, creative, bright or just funny?  

On a marketing video side, there was an Apple commercial a few months ago talking about the different races and talking about Apple key messages arond the product and the brand. I thought it was beautiful and exceptionnally well done. 

Thank you very much Kipp Bodnar and the HubSpot team for this interesting exchange.

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