[UPDATE] New Statistics on your Libcast Account

[UPDATE] New Statistics on your Libcast Account

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The Libcast online video platform's first novelty of 2015 (announced during our Users Keynote with the HTML5 Player) is the entirely updated statistics module !

We thought about the most pertinent changes in terms of video performances in order for you to analyze more precisely your audiences. 

Data collected

We have kept the publications organization under Libcast in order to propose statistics on different contenairs : Project > Channels > Videos.

This allows you to see your audience on a specific video, a group of videos (one of your channels), or all your project videos.  

Your statistics by devices, volume and location

We also identified the essential and pertinent datas that you may want to have on your statistics module :  

  • The volume : to answer to the questions "How many times does my video has been viewed?", "How many views does my entire channel have?" etc.
  • The devices : On which device does your audience watch your videos : PCs ? Smartphones ? Tablets?
  • The geolocation : Where does my audience come from ? and in which proportions? 

Analyze the views by user profiles, user origins or actions

To these classical analyses, we have added more specific statistics for your online videos in order to be used in your marketing strategy : 

  • The view by users profiles, as Libcast allows to create profiles such as "anonymous Internet user", "authenticated Internet user", "Admin" etc. 
  • the origin : not in the geographical sense, but from a digital point of view : does the visit come from a Video Card ? an EMBED video, Facebook ? Twitter ? etc.  
  • and the actions : Did the viewer click on a chapter, on a Call-to-action at the end of the video, or on a badge during the video? 

The Browsing

We created a new interface with two browsing's levels : 

  • First of all, you can choose your container (a drop-down menu allows you to choose the video or the channel) and select the period. We have added some shortcuts such as last 7 days, last 30 days, last semester or last 12 months to the calendar in order to simplify the access to the period.

    Browse your statistices by chosing your period
  • Secondly, and after defining your preferences for your analysis, you can see the 6 pertinent views that we previously have identified : 

    The 6 features of Libcast Analytics tool


Datas are graphically displayed, and a detailed table completes the analysis by channel and by publication.

The view "by default" of your audiences.The view by volume of your videos


Your audiences geolocation

Discover where your audience comes from (by countries)


The devices used to watch your online videos

The details of views from a computer, from a smartphone and from a tablet


The new statistics module is available on all Libcast accounts.

I would be happy to have feedbacks and suggestions about this update ! 

My new statistics


Brice Vercoustre - CTO

Brice Vercoustre
CTO @ Libcast