Use efficiently video in your customer support

Use efficiently video in your customer support

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Every company selling a product or a service, (online or not) has ever received a demand from customers or users asking for help. In this context, the support and training manager has to answer to each demand, linked to different problematics whether it is by phone or by email. How to optimize your customer support thanks to video?

Getting started  

The on-boarding is the process of guiding a user which discover a software or online service. After the registration, a user access a service, guided by tutorials (text, emails, pop-up or even video). 
If you sell a product, you can also use video to guide the customer to discover your product. To enlight your video on paper, you can write a simplified URL leading to your video or insert a QR Code, which, flashed by a smartphone, will directly lead to your video.

In this video, present in a few minutes (the video should not be too long), the main features of your product/service.

Support articles with videos

Over time, the customer support team will be able to identify the most recurrent questions. It would be pertinent to create a subdomain of your website or a platform dedicated to these questions, which you would answer with articles.
Thanks to this support, you would be able to redirect users to articles already published, and, as a consequence, reduce the response time and quickly guide all the users efficiently.

The use of video content adds consistency to your articles. These tutorial videos enable to illustrate how to concretely resolve the problem. 

Video answers to support tickets

To answer precisely and propose a "Premium" customer support to your customers, I would advise you to illustrate your answer with a short video.
The difference between customer support articles is the fact that videos are customized according to the customer's needs. 
If you sell an online solution, for example, sign in as your customers, and capture your screen to show how to resolve the problem so they can resolve it themselves.


Then, you can use live video as a support and training tool. Scheduling webinars enables to guide several of your users or customers at the same time, and present in details of your features. This virtual conference enables to answer to the attendees specific questions and explain in other words.

Schedule videos to train your customers

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