Welcome to Manon, our new UX design project manager!

Welcome to Manon, our new UX design project manager!

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We are delighted to present Manon, our new UX designer. She has joined Libcast a few weeks ago. 

Hello! I am Manon and I began the experience within Libcast at the beginning of the month.
My tasks? Managing the coordination between conception, achievement methodology, sociology and marketing strategy in new projects.
For what? To offer you the best user experience possible while going through our interfaces.

My experience in a few words

After studying information science and communication, applied to digital context, I dived deeply into the web. Studying webmarketing, web development, webdesign and UX design gave me the tool to fully understand all the issues of a digital project. In the past, I worked with associations and public organisms, in the communication department and digitisation of the structure. I was lucky to meet and collaborate representatives from different fields such as publishing, entrepreneurship and innovation, but also film events. I chose Libcast for its unlimited ambitions, its great expertise in terms of video services, but most of all for its quality as a qualified start-up, whose members keep aiming the same goal with incredible enthusiasm.

What I will bring you

Thanks to the combination of skills proper to UX design, aka user experience design, or web ergonomics, I offer to integrate user’s opinion, with the expression of their needs, to improve the product. In theory, UX design involves a balance between technical aspects and theoretical knowledge. Manon joined Libcast to improve the solution user experience The user-driven development focuses on emotional and functional attributes given to the product, through a whole process as to analyse, foresee and test assumptions concerning the user behavior toward the product. My appreciation of the video support guarantees an enhanced sensitivity within my job at Libcast.

Who am I ?

...of a curious disposition! Dance and sculpture bring me a real sense of creativity and an ability to persevere. Creating with others, I achieve to strengthen, improve an object or a step, so that it withstands any external factors. Understanding in cases of deadlocking, I do my best to cope with it, favoring collaborative efforts. Passionate about storytelling, I am interested in various film industry supports, no matter which footage chosen. A film construction, just like any business video production, has to take up joint challenges.

A video I like

In a matter of fact, the French Youtuber "Fossoyeur de Films" analysis on La La Land directly corresponds to my appreciation for ergonomics, here applied to color and its use and meanings in the frame. Unfortunately this video is only available in french.


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Manon Favier

Manon Favier 
UX Designer