Benefits of live streaming for your internal communication

Benefits of live streaming for your internal communication

Angelique Aizpitarte No comment Mar 8, 2017 11:30:00 AM Live streaming Internal communication

The use of video in a B2B communication strategy is without no doubt a success. According to the Content Marketing Institute, 60% of the marketers use video as a resource in their strategy in 2016. But the real trend nowadays is the Live Streaming. 

A lot of B2C companies have included video to their external communication strategies (for example, Tough Mudder, which organizes endurance events, did a Facebook Live with some workouts exercises to promote their events), but Live Streaming is proving to be a relevant tool in internal communication.

Finance Active introduced Live as an internal communication tool since 2016 to communicate with their employees working on six different countries. It is adequate to give the same information to any collaborator, independently from where they are. After a few months of try, employees are pleased with the project and ask for more live events.

This free white paper presents in three parts how to integrate effectively Live Streaming to an internal communication strategy

  • Why using video as an internal communication tool? Benefits and tools to ensure the privacy of your videos 
  • The Live Streaming in an internal communication: practical examples
  • Tools and tips to broadcast a live internal event and choose the right equipment. Which video platform to choose: Periscope, Facebook Live, Youtube Live or a professional video platform? 

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Angélique Aizpitarte 
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