YouTube vs Libcast: how should you choose the right video platform?

YouTube vs Libcast: how should you choose the right video platform?

Angelique Aizpitarte No comment May 31, 2016 10:00:00 AM Product information

"Why hosting my videos on a paid video platform while different free platforms such as YouTube exist?" 

I am sure you have ever asked this question. This article will help you to choose the most suitable video platform according to your project.  

How to choose the good hosting video platform? 

As there are differences between Twitter and Facebook even if they both are social networks, there are differences between the existing different video platforms.

Every platform proposes its own features and expertise, and as a consequence, it answers to different objectives. As a professional, it is important for you to identify these specificities and to choose the platform the most suitable for your goals. 

What should you compare to choose the right platform?

  • The customization options: is there a white-label player available? Can you customize and adapt the player to your corporate identity (colors, logo) etc. ? 
  • The marketing options: can you add a call-to-action to generate more leads and redirect the viewer to your website or another video? 
  • Advertisement: can you control ads that appear on the platform? What kind of ads is displayed: pre-rolls, strips, suggested videos? what is the part you receive from the totality of the ads revenues?
  • Statistics: what data is given by the platform and what can you use afterwards?does the feature gives you a deep analysis of the views on your videos? (replays, geolocation, users, device used...)?  
  • Interface customization: Is it possible to add a header, links to your website? Can you use your own colors to fit your corporate identity?
  • The interface : is it clear and ergonomic? how do you rate the user experience?
  • Service : is there a support to help you if you have questions? is it available easily by phone or by email?  

According to these details, YouTube will fit your project if: 

  • You are a B2C businesslogo_youtube.png
  • You do not bother if your content is shared on social networks or embedded on third-party websites 
  • You want to communicate to a wide audience 
  • Your content is public 
  • The team dedicated to the project is small, and the project does not imply a lot of videos
  • You would like to monetize your videos with advertisement
  • You are aware that your competitors' content can appear as suggested videos or on ads during your videos 
  • You do not want to customize your player with your colors or logo. 
  • You would like to promote your product or brand but you do not want to convert the viewers into leads or customers just after the end of the video. 

However, we recommend your to choose Libcast if: 

  • You are a B2B businesslogo-libcast.png
  • You want your videos to be viewed by a small audience and to protect them (with a password, to a geographical area...) 
  • You do not want your content to be disturbed by unexpected ads  
  • You need a big storage space for a lot of videos or for weighty videos. Also, you would like to be able to manage your content into folders, sub-folders etc. 
  • The project implies different people and you would like to customize the back-office according to their job responsibilities
  • You want your content to be available and/or embedded only on your website 
  • You prefer to have the choice to allow or not the social sharing depending on the video
  • You would like to customize the player and your WebTV to your corporate identity (logo, domain name, colors etc.)
  • You want to benefit from your content at the end of the video, redirecting viewers to a Landing Page, your website, and avoiding your viewers to click on other content that you do not owned
  • You prefer to be accompanied during the development of your strategy and to be trained by a professional 


Angélique Aizpitarte

Angélique Aizpitarte 
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